24 January, 2017



Work tirelessly to overcome extreme poverty in slums, through training and collaborative action of families and youth volunteers.


A fair and poverty free society, where everyone has the opportunities needed to develop their capacities and fully exercise their rights.


  • Overcome the poverty in which millions of people live in slums.
  • Shape the lives of young volunteers through the connection with families in slums.


  • Solidarity. It is an empathy with the most excluded families, which moves us to want to be and work alongside them. We share their hardships and desires, to learn from their skills and perseverance, and to advocate against everything that excludes them and that does not recognize their rights as human beings.
  • Conviction. Overcoming poverty and injustice in Latin America is possible. This certainty gives us the determination to work tirelessly and together with others to accomplish it. We place challenging and high goals, and take the necessary risks to go beyond all the fatalisms that surround us.
  • Excellence. All of our work must be of high quality, given that it is intended for those less fortunate. Our work is rigorous, punctual, always creative and innovative. It is respectful of the commitments,  steadfast in the face of difficulties, intelligent to recognize mistakes and correct them, and proactive in the search for solutions to the problems that arise along the way.
  • Diversity. At TECHO, all young people are welcome, regardless of ethnic or social backgrounds, religious beliefs, political choices or sexual orientations. We are sure that our differences are an asset in joining forces for that which unites us: the fight against extreme poverty in our continent.
  • Optimism. We look at the future with hope, without being naïve, because we believe that it is possible to defeat the injustice that we see today. We move forward toward this future working with joy, because as young people we recognize what a privilege it is to dedicate our lives to make our world a more humane and equal place for everyone.