17 July, 2018



To work with determination among informal settlements to overcome poverty through the education and joint action of slum residents, youth volunteers and other actors.


A just, egalitarian and integrated society without poverty in which all people can fully exercise their rights and duties and have opportunities to develop their capabilities.


  • To overcome the condition of poverty in which millions of people live within informal settlements.
  • To train young volunteers through the connection with slum residents.


  • Solidarity: We are moved by injustices and inequalities. As a result, we act in procurement of the common good.
  • Conviction: We are certain that we will improve society.
  • Diversity: We enrich our work through collaboration among diverse individuals.
  • Optimism: We are creative and proactive in the development of solutions, working with a propositive attitude.
  • Excellence: We perform quality work and strive for continuous improvement.