26 February, 2017

Board of Trustees/Chapters


Roberto Awad – Goldman Sachs – VP Investment Mgmt Division

Gustavo Hernández – Global Securities Advisors – Partner

Juan Pablo Cappello – Private Advising Group – Partner




Marco Giberti – Vesuvio Ventures - Partner

Daniel Canel – Advanced Capital-  Chief Executive Officer

Héctor Rolotti – Novecento – Owner & Founder

Enrique Pochat – Julius Baer – Executive Director

Martin Guyot – Noctua Partners – Owner

Diego Costa Peuser – Arte al Día – President

Pablo Ciano – DHL Express – Chief Information Officer

Pablo Chiozza  - LAN U.S. – Chief Executive Officer

Diego Barassi – EXIM Licensing – SVP Regional Marketing

Marcelo Fumasoni – Novartis - Vice President & Head Human Resources

New York

Paolo Domeneghetti- Domaine Select Wine Estates- CEO and Founder

Gustavo Hernández-  Global Securities Advisors – Partner

Toby Redshaw- Kevington Advisors- CEO

Sonia Dula- Bank of America- Head of Latin America Wealth Management Division

Andrés Klein - BH Investment Group (BHIG) - Founder and  Managing Partner