21 July, 2018




William Castro was the top student in the first program in auto mechanics held along with Porsche in El Salvador in the community of El Tanque. Son of a homemaker, with 20 years old and 4 siblings, he confessed to TECHO that before participating in the job-training program he thought about emigrating.

The course in auto mechanics was aimed at strengthening household economics through improvements in quality employment and level of family income. This was accomplished through training sessions and insertion into the job market with established business or with newly created ones.

William attended the training sessions for 5 months along with 3 friends from El Tanque. His enjoyment in mechanics and desire to learn motivated him to complete this stage of his life, “My family is very proud because they know it’s something that will benefit me and serve me in the future. I feel happy. From the first day I arrived,” William said in an interview. In the future, he hopes to set up his own business. He remarked that his plan is to “press forward and in a few more years work at his own auto mechanic workshop.”

The classes in gas-fuelled combustion engines, electricity, auto mechanics, and brake, suspension, and transmission systems will be useful not only to William and his friends, but to all the participants that took part in the initiative in the communities of El Trébol and El Tanque.

The training program is a joint effort that seeks to see results in the short and long term with improvements in the quality of life for the residents of slums of El Salvador and Latin America.