17 July, 2018

Short testimonials from Volunteers


Short testimonials from volunteers after traveling to a building trip in Honduras


“An amazing aspect of the trip was getting to know the other volunteers, including those who traveled from all different parts of Honduras. We were there to work toward a shared goal; the eradication of poverty. I am so excited to continue to work with the group from the voluteer trip as the [email protected] E-Board this year. As E-Board members we all have the opportunity and responsibility to be leaders in creating awareness about the realities of poverty, and in contributing to a community within FIU that is committed to ending it.” - Kirby


“If I could change one thing about this trip, it would be… nothing. Not one thing! Everyone was so welcoming and determined to make successful builds. People from different backgrounds and upbringings worked together in harmony, as one. I was amazed to see what determined people can accomplish in just two days. What seemed like the unthinkable was done. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much. I am grateful for the given opportunity to go out and serve my Latin American community. It was a humbling experience and I can’t wait for our next build!” - Elizabeth


“The experience I had in Honduras being a part of TECHO was nothing short of great, this is my second mission trip and I cannot wait for many more trips. Is not just going and showing a smile, is getting to know their culture and seeing with your own eyes their way of living. We live in a bubble were many things are taken for granted, I believe this trip brought me back to the reality of things, that being; to be grateful for every little thing you have. My favorite part of the trip was being able to build a new home with a family; the look on their faces when the house was given to them was simply priceless. I also met a lot of wonderful people to whom I still keep in touch. All in all, it was by far one of the best experiences in my life, if I can say anything to anyone is to go on a TECHO building trip you will look at life in another perspective.” Luisa


“My experience with TECHO was incredibly gratifying! After building the house with my team in just two days, nothing could top the great satisfaction and happiness of the family we got to help!! The look on their faces after seeing their new home right next to the place they were calling home which had holes in the roof, no floor and full of scorpions was really inspiring!!! The amazing experience not only with the families that we worked with, but the interaction with the other volunteers and their stories its spiritually rewarding. Many of them have been benefited by TECHO and have decided to become part of the organization as well to work with other families in need. That makes me realize and acknowledge even more that many of us are extremely lucky to live in this country where aside from the economy and other problems we are facing, this will never compare to the living conditions of third world countries. And it also teaches us that no matter how much money and luxury we have, others living in extreme poverty appreciate more life for the real things and not for the material things we can buy. Living with much less, makes them appreciate the little things and the most important, love for their families, genuinely gratefulness and compassion for others. This is a project I will definitely repeat!! TECHO is helping families in need and voluntaries to be more thankful.”Lizandra