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TECHO Eugenia Wallis

A weekend as a volunteer

  Today we had our Pintaton! It was an amazing experience I wish I could repeat many times. I woke up at 6am, I was feeling tired and not very enthusiastic about the idea of painting houses under the boiling sun. Anyway, I asked my mom to take me to Plaza Altamira, because everybody was going [...]

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The challenges for a single parent raising a child

The challenges for a single parent raising a child are enormous. The difficulties multiply when there is not one but three children and a lack of money hampers your ability to access safe housing. This was the case for Jose Estévez as he witnessed his once stable home and healthy marriage dissolve.   The Estévez [...]

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Short testimonials from Volunteers

Short testimonials from volunteers after traveling to a building trip in Honduras   “An amazing aspect of the trip was getting to know the other volunteers, including those who traveled from all different parts of Honduras. We were there to work toward a shared goal; the eradication of poverty. I am so excited to continue to work with [...]

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Executive Director of TECHO: “The sings of hope are now visible, the solution, in which the whole group believes and commits to”

Maria Isabel de Allende, social leader since her youth, is TECHO’s Executive Director. Since she started her working career, she always enjoyed working with those who were involved in different communities in the agency Pro-Chile. Despite this, she tells us she felt something was missing making her re-evaluate pushing her towards a change and analyze [...]

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¨I’ve learned much about the world and about myself in the short time of knowing TECHO¨

Building trip to Haiti (Left: Lupe Ayerza. Middle: Steven Salas. Right: Carolina Acevedo) ¨I have not always known what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew that it had to involve helping others. I first learned about TECHO through a coworker of mine one year ago. Working with TECHO has given me [...]

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“What can I do thousand of miles away to help my country overcome this situation?”

“Growing up in Argentina, I always saw poverty as a problem without a solution, a puzzle with no answer. I viewed poverty as something common, as if it was chosen by people to live under those circumstances, which in the case of my native country, it consisted of living under a tin roof, with no [...]