23 May, 2018

TECHO U.S.: Summary 2016

During 2016, TECHO U.S. participated in a variety of events and launched important campaigns to support communities living in poverty in Latin America. We want to thank you for the support that makes this possible. Below you can find the details of each occasion:

• TECHO U.S. organized two successful fundraisers, Tinto for TECHO in Miami and New York City, raising over $700,000, with more than 200 participants at each event. The amount raised is enough to build houses for 303 families in Latin America.

• The organization was part of two events during Miami Art Week, Pinta Miami and Pinta mi Cuna, raising $21,000 to support communities in Colombia and Venezuela.

• Together we raised over $650,000 for community development projects with corporate employees in Latin America.

• TECHO was part of the Habitat III conference in Ecuador. A “New Urban Agenda” was created, in order to prioritize solutions for informal settlements (slums). The event empowered more than 100 community leaders from 18 countries in Latin America.

• More than 480 international volunteers from the U.S. travelled to Latin America over the year, joining 15 building trips. In total we built 121 transitional houses.

• TECHO U.S.’s “Help for Haiti” campaign raised over $76,000 to support families affected by Hurricane Matthew. We have already built 15 transitional houses and implemented education programs in association with Alternaid to support 120 children in the communities we serve. During 2017 we will build 40 more transitional houses and we will keep empowering our the communities with skills training programs and education.