20 June, 2018

TECHO and Porsche celebrate a 5 year partnership.

TECHO believes that working with the private sector is essential in ending poverty, and since the beginning of our activities we’ve worked with hundreds of companies from many sectors and countries. Everyone of those partnerships were meaningful not only because they’ve allowed us to fund our activities on field, but because we were able to involve thousands of employees, from interns to CEOs, who have had their lives changed by getting to know the reality of poverty that thousands of families endure throughout Latin America. In December 2011, a new partnership was announced, and it would change the lives of thousands of people. From the office of Miami, the automotive Porsche announced it would seek to fund 356 transitional houses, a symbolic number since it is the model of the first car launched by the company in 1948, the convertible Porsche 356. Five years later Porsche not only met that objective, but came to fund to this date 514 houses in 18 countries where TECHO operates.


Besides believing in the impact of the transitional houses, the company also supported communities with what it knows best, auto-mechanics. Since 2015 Porsche has funded 5144 hours of educational and skills training in Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay y Guatemala. Among these classes Porsche trained 227 young slum residents in auto-mechanics.



One of the participants in El Salvador and top of her class, Andrea Hernandez described her experience.

The course we received was very good, I learned a lot of mechanics and I was able to acquire knowledge that I did not have, I worked and studied a lot to be able to get ahead in all the tests, and thanks to God I managed to get the best grades. Being one of the few women in this course felt very strange at first, but over time I became familiar with my peers. They helped me and I also helped them. Having been in this course will serve me since now I am going to be able to help my family financially and I will be able to help myself too. I recommend to new young people who can be part of projects like these because they are of great benefit for oneself and for their families, and you get to learn a lot too

Programs like these are designed to meet the necessities and demands from the communities identified in our survey assessment. For example, in three communities from El Salvador, TECHO identified that only 30.7% of young people were employed before the course, and just 61% had any working experience.

We celebrate and are thankful for this partnership with Porsche since we share the same path of excellence and innovation in our everyday work with families and volunteers in Latin America.

If your company wants to partner with TECHO please send us an e-mail to [email protected]