17 July, 2018

Six communities from Buenos Aires are now on Google Street View

According to the Index of Objects Launched into Outer Space there were 4256 satellites orbiting the earth in the end of 2016. With that amount of satellites orbiting the globe it’s hard to be out of the eyes of the world and not on global positioning apps like Google Street View. Unfortunately up until last month villages 31, 20 and 21-24 and the neighborhoods Alberti, San Cayetano (La Matanza) and Los Pinos (Escobar) were invisible on these apps just like they frequently are to the government’s eyes. Through a partnership with Google, ACIJ and TECHO that took seven months of joint efforts, these villages are no longer shadows in a map and are accessible to the world.

To map these communities the slum dwellers used a 44 pound equipment with 15 lenses that takes photos every six feet. Eduardo Lalo Creus, one of the slum residents that took part in the initiative says that the map will serve to access more public services. “In these neighborhoods there is indigence, but we are still waiting for basic services, that is why we consider this an important first step in guaranteeing our rights and to be considered real citizens.”


“This is a change in the paradigm through which we try to integrate the slums into the rest of the city, because this makes it easier to access public services. The ambulances many times would not enter these regions because they said they didn’t know how to arrive. “says Sebastián Pilo, Co-director at ACIJ.


You can access the Google Street View of these communities by clicking here. Enjoy!