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Living near danger: 7 out of 10 settlements in Argentina are meters away from risk factors

According to a recent report launched by TECHO-Argentina the majority of settlements that they work with are next to polluted streams, streets with high-traffic, high tension towers, railroad tracks, or garbage dumps; this puts the quality of life of the surrounding residents in danger, and in some cases, these risk factors can be fatal. In [...]

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#JUST1DAY: TECHO Peru Campaign

During January, 72 thousand Peruvians have been affected by landslides and floods. TECHO Peru has been working to support the families who have lost all their belongings.  In the last few weeks TECHO Peru mobilized more than 150 volunteers responding to the natural disaster and supported the communities affected communities. The goal of the #Just1Day [...]

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Together We Have Already Built 214 Homes After the Emergency in Chile!

After the wildfires that devastated housing, farmland and livestock in a large area of southern and central Chile, we have already built 214 homes to benefit the families affected by the emergency. These are transitional homes with 258 ft2 (24m2) that have the possibility of being expanded as an immediate response to the emergency. For [...]

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Woman Community Leaders That Are Making a Difference in Informal Settlements of Latin America.

During International Women’s Month, we want to recognize the work and perseverance of female community leaders who live in informal settlements in Latin America. In this article we want to share their testimony and stories that serve as inspiration for our society. According to data from UN Habitat, 104 million people live in informal settlements [...]

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TECHO Has Started to Build 500 Homes After the Emergency

Through its fundraising campaign to benefit victims of  the wildfires in Chile, TECHO has raised $2.4 million dollars, enough to build 500 homes in the most affected areas. TECHO already built 67 homes and is planning to build 64 more this week. Our team is working with “Fundación Vivienda” and the Onemi (National Emergency Office [...]

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TECHO Gives the Oppotunity to Real Estate Developers to Fight Against Poverty

The largest nonprofit in Latin America has launched Home4Home, an initiative created between TECHO and BH Investment Group founder Andres Klein, that invites real estate developers in the U.S. and Latin America to make an impact on the most impoverished communities through a ONE for ONE matching program.  More than 100 million people in Latin [...]