17 July, 2018

One year Report of TECHO’s recovering efforts in Ecuador.

In April 2016 an earthquake with a 7,8 magnitude hit Ecuador killing 660 people and displacing almost 29 thousand that had to seek another place to restart their lives. TECHO, that has worked in the country since 2009, immediately recognized that it had to act to alleviate the suffering of many people including slum residents, our main focus. In order to not interfere with the job being conducted by other organizations and public authorities, TECHO-Ecuador defined three priority actions to be carried out:

  1. Information gathering

  2. Construction of Emergency Houses

  3. Monitoring and Evaluation

To better asses the situation TECHO surveyed the people affected to understand their level of vulnerability and share it with others so that the recovering activities could be delivered in a more efficient manner. A socioeconomic survey was applied with 2895 families by 140 volunteers in different regions.


After systematizing the collected data, TECHO defined certain regions where it built 204 transitional houses along with 2000 volunteers and the support of 14 companies. TECHO is now monitoring and evaluating the impact of the support that was given in different areas so it can determine complementary actions.

Other solutions and items delivered by TECHO:

50 thousand gallons of water

50 tons of food and equipment.

122 water filters

1 solar panel for a school

150 solar lamps.

In certain communities, such as “San Eloy”, we will continue to work with the families to seek further solutions for the affected areas such as community projects and educational development programs. Follow the hashtag #SeguimentosEnMovimento and see what we are doing in the country.

We would like to thank all the supporters from the United States who were touched and contributed to the emergency in Ecuador. Your contribution made our work with these families possible and brought hope for their recovery.

To access the full report (in spanish) please click here.