23 May, 2018

#JUST1DAY: TECHO Peru Campaign


During January, 72 thousand Peruvians have been affected by landslides and floods. TECHO Peru has been working to support the families who have lost all their belongings.  In the last few weeks TECHO Peru mobilized more than 150 volunteers responding to the natural disaster and supported the communities affected communities.

The goal of the #Just1Day campaign is to raise 5,000 USD to provide the affected families an effective solution during this emergency! TECHO Peru has considered the following plan:

Step 1: Mapping and Surveying to measure the impact of the disaster on the community

Step 2: Rehabilitation work: Identification and work in affected areas, and distribution of donations so the communities can count on a solution as soon as possible

Step 3: Build Barricades & prepare teams for implementation of reconstruction

Change can happen and you can be part of it!

Check out this video about what has already been done in Chosica, one of the most affected areas.

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