21 April, 2018

Countries in Latin America suffer with natural disasters

After Peru suffered from landslides in the beginning of the year, Colombia has now been struck with nature’s rage after heavy rain caused three rivers to overflow and devastated cities in the state of Putumayo. The disaster affected much of the urban power grid and water infrastructure leaving many people without electricity and water.


Colombian Army Photo via AP

Recent official numbers put the death toll in 193, with many people still missing. Since TECHO doesn’t have ongoing projects in the Putumayo region, we are now working with other international organizations and the local government to make an evaluation and assessment of the situation. Once we have a clearer idea of needs and priorities, we’ll know what role TECHO can play on the relief effort. We will keep you posted.

We express our solidarity with the Colombian families and we are confident that they will find the strength and energy to recover from this terrible tragedy.