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One year Report of TECHO’s recovering efforts in Ecuador.

In April 2016 an earthquake with a 7,8 magnitude hit Ecuador killing 660 people and displacing almost 29 thousand that had to seek another place to restart their lives. TECHO, that has worked in the country since 2009, immediately recognized that it had to act to alleviate the suffering of many people including slum residents, [...]

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TECHO-Argentina and other organizations survey 4100 families and pressure government into recognizing informal settlements in the country.

In a united effort to pressure the government into recognizing informal settlements, four organizations including TECHO have worked during months to build the first National Registry of Popular Neighborhoods (RENABAP). Below they share their struggle and celebrate this important milestone for Argentinean families and social organizations. No eradication, nor paternalism, nor indifference, nor bear contention.  [...]

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DESIGN TECHO hosts its 5th Annual Fundraising with a Special Argentenean Night in Miami.

On May 16th TECHO-US and DesignTECHO organized their 5th annual fundraising event in Miami. As tradition, one country was picked to receive the funds and to give the night its cultural taste. This year the tango dancing Argentina gave the pitch and counted on performers such as DJ Virginia da Cunha, DJ Alejandro Cacciola, the [...]

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Why are community leaders so important? Lessons from Brazil

The process of starting a community organizing committee, creating a bond and winning the trust of the residents is one of the biggest challenge for TECHO volunteers in the beginning of our work. Engaging residents, organizing meetings, representing the desires of the population in the local public institutions and fighting for their rights and then [...]

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1 million volunteers mobilized!

Twenty years has passed since TECHO started in Chile and arrived to 19 Latin American countries. Since then, more than a million volunteers have been involved in the reality of slums and worked together with the residents on construction projects of emergency housing, community infrastructure, education, and employment. “We are recognized as an organization that [...]

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Families, young volunteers and friends from Miami build 13 houses in Dominican Republic

There are some things that you could learn in a class­room and oth­ers that you can only ex­pe­ri­ence with real world sit­u­a­tions. Imag­ine putting those geom­e­try and physics lessons to use by build­ing a home with your bare hands! Dur­ing the Easter Hol­i­day 35 stu­dents from Miami traveled along with some of their par­ents, and [...]