17 July, 2018



TECHO offers a variety of marketing alliances with companies to further increase their reach in the region and to position our cause in different communities.

Co- Branded Campaign: TECHO and the company develop a concept together around a certain product the company produces and/or sells; they decide on a time period to sell the product and during this timeframe, a percentage of the sales of each item sold will be donated to TECHO.

Brand Awareness: Our communication platforms become a great opportunity to strengthen brand exposure nationally.  As with the co-branded campaign, our proposal is to develop a joint concept.

Eco-System EngagementOur partners have the opportunity to invite stakeholders in  their ecosystem to fund a specific project. This creates a greater impact as the alliance helps to develop initiatives in which companies can work together in volunteering activities, such as a construction or infrastructure projects.


For more information about our marketing programs, contact:

David Gentili

Director of Corporate Development

[email protected]

(305) 860 4090