23 July, 2018

Mission, Vision and Values



To combine the joint action of beneficiary families and youth volunteers to overcome extreme poverty in slums. To promote community development, through the implementation of educational and vocational training programmes and to advocate for social governmental policies that attend the needs of the most excluded members of society.


A fair and poverty-free society, which meets citizen’s fundamental rights and provides them with the opportunity to fully develop their capabilities.


Solidarity. We stand alongside our beneficiaries, sharing their hardship and desires and learning from their skills and perseverance.

Conviction. A belief that overcoming poverty and inequality in our region is possible. This conviction gives us the determination to work tirelessly alongside others to achieve our challenging objectives.

Excellence. Given that our work is intended for those less fortunate it is essential that our work be of high quality. Our work is rigorous, innovative, diverse and impactful. We are committed, perseverant and proactive in the way we tackle poverty and create solutions to the challenges that face our beneficiaries.

Diversity. At TECHO, all young people are welcome, regardless of ethnic or social backgrounds, religious belief, political choices or sexual orientation. We believe that our differences are an asset that allows us to unite against extreme poverty in our continent.

Optimism. We look at the future with hope. Though we appreciate the challenge that we face, we believe that it is possible to overcome the inequality that surrounds us. We work towards this objective, recognising our responsibility as young people to creating a more equal and just world for all.