24 October, 2016

TECHO- Uruguay gets funding from UN Habitat to implement Social Integration Project to 50 youth residents of slums

From january 2013, around 50 young people from 16 slums in Montevideo will work together with TECHO Uruguay in skills training and personal, labor and business strengthening programs, in order to prepare them to get microcredit funds that can fortify sustainable entrepreneurship for their communities.

The initiative “Personal training to exclude youth in labor reimmersion” will be possible thanks to the suppot of UN-Habitat and their program the Urban Youth Fund, an agency that seeks to generate positive changes in young population by supporting projects with a maximum of USD$25,000.

In april this year, the announcement went out to all the continents and all the major sorting applications of each section were pre-selected. At the end UN-Habitat selected 41 initiatives from more than 5,000 proposals around the world, where TECHO was the only uruguayan project on the list.

Meanwhile, TECHO Argentina has been implementing a skills training program, which is backed in UN-Habitat fund and was selected in 2011.