ARTECHO invites renowned artists to donate a piece of art to be exhibited and auctioned


  • Engage the art community in the fight against poverty.
  • Creatively denounce the conditions millions of families are living in.
  • Raise funds to build transitional houses and develop social inclusion programs for families living in extreme poverty conditions.


ARTECHO 2012 took place in Miami Project in Midtown Miami. Art pieces from 20 renowned artists were auctioned. The event raise $243,500  to impact 121 families in Latin America and the Caribbean through the construction of transitional houses and social inclusion programs.

Diego Costa Peuser


Adriana Salazar, Pablo Tamayo, Jesse Florez, Glexis Novoa, Rogelio Polesello, Ana Alenso, Emilia Azcarate, Edwin Monsalve, Craig Kucia, Patrick Hamilton, Josefina Guilisasti, Guillermo Kuitca, Matias Duville, Pedro Tyler, Glenda León, Suwon Lee, Ernesto Neto, Amalia Pica


Alberto Chehebar, Mariela Cisneros, & Solita Mishaan


Ella Cisneros, Rosa de la Cruz, Solita Mishaan, Eduardo Padrón, Isaac Lee, and Violy McCausland



ARTECHO 2011 took place in Wynwood Walls. Works of art by 20 artists were auctioned at Gary Nader’s Fine Art Gallery. The event raised funds to build 120 transitional houses (USD 227,000). Over 70 news articles regarding the event were published.

Diego Costa Peuser

ARTECHO arises as a cultural initiative to support TECHO’s pressing mission, which is to bridge the social gap between opportunities and those living in extreme poverty conditions.

Diego Costa PeuserArt Director of ARTECHO.


Ricardo Alcalde, Magdalena Atria, Emilia Azcarate, Robert Chambers, Marta Chilindron, Leandro Erlich, Darío Escobar, Josefina Guilisasti, Miler Lagos, Jorge Macchi, Enrique Martínez Celaya, Marta Minujín, Iván Navarro, Ernesto Oroza, Amalia Pica, Liliana Porter, Rosana Recalde, Ana Tiscornia, Agustina Woodgate


Gastón Abello, Armando Andrade, Alberto Beraza, Tanya Brillembourg, Alberto Chehebar, Ella Cisneros, Mariella Cisneros, Eduardo Costantini, Rosa de la Cruz, César Gaviria, Daniel Holtz, Nicolás Ibargüen, Anibal Jozami, Isaac Lee, Juan Carlos Maldonado, Carlos Marzano, Violy McCausland, Solita Mishaan, Rafael Miyar, Javier Mora, Jorge Mora, Juan Mulner, Carlos Nieto, Rafael Nieto, Eduardo Padrón, Erica Roberts, Yolanda Santos Garza, Juan & Patricia Vergez, Elida & Daniel Yankelewitz,

ARTECHO is more than just art for the sake of beauty. It is art with a social conscience. It is a wonderful idea using beauty as a call to action for much needed basic housing.

Eduardo PadrónPresident Miami Dade College